Thursday, July 31, 2003 04:40 a.m.
Listening to: 'A Matter of Trust' by Billy Joel

Hmm, I have been keeping busy updating some of my older and neglected web pages. I just added some more images and info to my Kaim Tachibana Shrine, some misc. info to my Cowboy Bebop page, a few more images to my Fun Fun Factory page. I have too many pages -_- I still need to update my poor Mizuiro Jidai page, Tokyo Underground page, and my HanaKimi page. Wow, that one is really out of date. Why do I keep making pages when I have such a tough time updating them? :) I gathered a little stack of manga that I like enough to write some shoujo manga summaries for, so it's just a matter of how much I will procrastinate before my Random Shoujo Manga page gets updated again.

I am still religiously following Gundam Seed. Much fun. I don't care how much of a copy of other gundams it is. Angsty Kira and Athrun are cute :D I am also checking out Onegai Twins. So far I am not as interested in it as I was in Onegai Teacher. Of course, I have only seen 2 episodes, so that isn't much to base an opinion on. So far there isn't any supernatural stuff (like alien teachers) so maybe that is what I feel the show is lacking. Then again, for all I know, aliens invade in episode 3. Who knows ^^

Dramas I have been watching... (yes, all I do is work, build web pages, and watch anime & dorama. I have no life):

  • Diamond Girl: cute show. Bubbly girl follows her lawyer boyfriend that she met in Australia back to Japan after he dumps her and doesn't explain why. She stalks him to the law firm he works at and gets herself hired there as an assistant to another lawyer. The law firm is rather stuffy, and she is... not. Through lots of idealistic inspirational speeches and cute colorful clothing, she makes waves at the law firm.
  • Always Smiling: cute girl who recently lost her job is asked by a mangaka guy to accompany him on a 3-month stay at a traditional japanese-style resort where he will be getting himself back on track and working hard. The girls' brother works at the resort. I have only watched one episode so far, and it's kind of cute, but it isn't drawing me in yet. I'll keep watching though.
  • Successful Story of Bright Girl: This is a Korean drama that some group is subbing. I have watched episode 1 so far, and it's very cute! It reminds me a little bit of Hana Yori Dango in the sense that it is about an outspoken poor girl and a snobbish rich guy. This poor girl's parents are swindlers and the girl is forced to go to work as a maid in a wealthy household in order to pay off the money her parents stole from people. Rich snobby guy is the new ceo of a cosmetics company. Poor girl has to take care of him, but they clash. I look forward to watching more of this. I noticed that there is a DVD set of this on Ebay that has english subtitles, but unfortunately I am too poor to get it ;_; waaah.
  • Shopping Hero (Tsuhan Man): A show airing on Kiku Hawaii TV. Man, they have dramas about everything! This one is about a meek guy who works in the complaints department of a Home Shopping TV program that airs every Friday night. The Meek guy (called 'Jimmy' by everyone) has a crush on a popular hostess of the shopping program, but is dismayed to discover her secret that she is having an affair with the company president. He still cares for her, and at one point, when she can't make it to the show to present her product to sell, he dons a Zorro-like mask and cape, and crashes the show and sells the product for her. He is such a success that he is pressured to be a regular character on the show, even though no one knows his real identity. This is such a silly show. I am enjoying it ^^

    In honor of the release (at long last!) of Hana Yori Dango in the US on DVD and in English translated manga, I revamped my old Hana Yori Dango page. I started that page in early 1997. It's amazing that it's still up ^_^

    Bob Hope passed away this week. That is so sad ;_; However, he did make it to 100, and had a great life! I am a huge Bob Hope fan. I love his old radio shows (I have a bunch of his radio shows on my OTR CDs. I have been listening to them this week. Funny stuff ^_^ His humor on his radio shows was often very topical and timely, so listening to it feels sort of like time traveling ^_^ TCM is going to show some of his movies later today. I look forward to catching some of them. They are all his later movies though, what's with that? They should show a selection from all stages of his career, not just ones made in the 1960's. Maybe they don't have the rights to them or something. Oh, in one of his movies he played a character with my last name. Gotta love that ^^ Thanks for the Memories!

  • Sunday, July 13, 2003 06:37 p.m.
    Listening to: "Time to Say Goodbye" (Japanese version)

    Hmm as usual I am slow in blogging. Ah well.

    Ben, please leave my tagboard alone.

    Lets see, what have I been up to.... well, nothing much, really. This is probably why I don't blog much. All I do is work, do my comic, watch tv, and sleep. I have no life, yup yup. I guess all I can talk about is what I have been watching on TV ^_^ (sad, I know)

    Lets see, along with the embarrassing Arashi obsession mentioned in my previous entry down below, I have also developed 2 anime addictions. I was obsessively chain-watching Gundam Seed one week. Went from episode 1 to episode 36 in like 2 days or something. I couldn't help it, the series is so angsty and, I admit, slashy ^^ I like Asran (Athrun, however you want to call him) with Kira. I am still in shock thta Ishida Akira is playing a character that is the seme in all the doujinshi. Amazing. I also like Deakka/Milly. Wow, a straight pairing! I think their relationship is interesting. I am currently trying to get some Gundam Seed doujinshi. It shouldn't be that difficult, as the series is currently a favorite with doujinshika, so there is lots to choose from. w00t.

    I also watched all of Princess Tutu in a day and a half. Great great show. I think it is my favorite series that I have seen in the last few years. I really liked it. It had me running around buying ballet music CDs. It would be nice if they had released OST cds for this series, but you can only get the bgm on special CDs included with the limited editions of the forst 3 Region 2 Tutu DVDs. Darn them. The series uses music from a huge pile of ballets, so I have a lot of CDs to get if I want to have all the music. The show is wonderful. Very cute and twisted ^^ I love Fakir! I am fangirling over him right now too. :P Neko-sensei rules too, of course! We need more catguys in anime.

    Dorama-wise, I finally got my hands on some VCDs of the 'Kimi wa Pet' dorama I have been wanting to watch for a while now. Yes, it's another series starring Arashi's Matsumoto Jun, who I am all fangirly over down in my previous post. I really liked him in Kimi wa Pet. So cute. His character in Gokusen is so aloof and 'cool' it was nice to see him hyper and happy and genki in KimiPet. His hair was not that great though. Very foofy ^^ I liked his hair in Gokusen better! The series gave me the happy warm and fuzzies when watching it, so it's a keeper. I just wish someone would fansub it. At this point I will keep my fingers corssed and hope that it is aired subtitled in Singapore or something. KimiPet also had the guy from Ideal Boss in it! He rules! I loved that show too!

    All the latest season of doramas were released on VCD at once, so I have a huge pile I want to get all at once. Next I will be watching something called 'Diamond Girl'. Then I have Mukodono 2003, but I should probably finish watching the original Mukodono first. I am not sure if it really matters if I finish the old series first or not, considering both series tell the same exact story, but it would be weird to be watching both at the same time ^^

    Lets see, my comic was linked up by Megatokyo this past week. That was nifty. Thanks to Fred for linking us. It boosted our readership a little. I hope some of those new visitors will keep reading the comic.

    I also worked on some of my web pages. I finally reopened my old Magical Girls page. That was one of my first web pages way back in 1995 and 1996. I closed it after my college web account died when I graduated. I redesigned it, updated it with entries for the more recent magical girl shows and reopened it. Hurray. I also updated my Kaikan Phrase page. I updated the music section to include more of λucifer's CDs, added some more images and episode summaries, and edited the mechandise section. My Cowboy Bebop page was also updated, and I linked my Gokusen and Miwa Sakai pages from my main collective page. Whew. Now I need to update my Tokyo Underground, Hana Yori Dango, and HanaKimi pages. I have toooooo many pages. Not enough time. ~_~

    okay, enough pathetic fangirl rambling for now. ja.

    Sunday, June 8, 2003 09:43 p.m.
    Listening to: 'PikaNchi' by Arashi (yet again)

    Boredboredboredboredbored. I am restless and bored right now. There is some useful stuff I should be getting done right now, but I just don't feel like doing it. I just finished a 2 hour nap, so I am feeling kind of energetic. Maybe after this entry I will get off my lazy butt and get stuff done.

    Right now I am feeling very fangirly (as has been common for me lately) and I have been watching all of my Arashi videos yet again. Such a sad state I am in. I am focusing on my videos of their performances of 'PikaNchi' on various TV shows and specials. I have 7 different performances of this song. I guess I like collecting performances of this particular song because I like how Jun looks during them, heheh. Gah, help me I am in such a bad fangirl mode right now. I decided to make some screencaps of Jun singing 'PikaNchi', and for no particular reason, except maybe to get this out of my system, I think I'll post the images here. So now you all get to suffer! Muwahaha!

    I like Jun's hairin this performance. His hair is pulled back in a girly hairstyle with a little ponytail in the back ^_^ I noticed that he was always pushing his hair out of his face in the other performances, so maybe this was to help with that.

    I think he may have been trying for the same hair-out-of-eyes effect here with those goggles, but it looks like it didn't work very well ^^ I have 3 versions of 'PikaNchi' where he wears this outfit, but he only wears the goggles once.

    See? Same outfit, no goggles. Hard to tell though, I know. Wow, should I admit that I wish I could just pull down the zipper on that jumpsuit? *ahem* I did NOT say that, really.

    Okay, enough scary Jun fangirling. In other news, I started watching the dorama 'Seikei Bijin' (Plastic Surgery Beauty) and I really like it! I have only seen up to episode 3, but I am itching to see the rest. I don't know if I will be able to stand waiting one week between each episode, even if they are English subbed. torture, I say! I am so tempted to just go get the chinese subbed VCD set right now so I can watch it all at once and put myself out of my misery. I am so impatient! The story is about an ugly girl who returns home after having massive amounts of plastic surgery. She is now gorgeous. We can see how ugly she used to be because she has a twin sister who has not had any surgery. (and wow, she IS scary-looking.) Both her parents are pretty ugly too ^^;; Honami (the heroine) got all the work done because she wanted revenge on her ex boyfriend who would be rude enough to tell her to look away from him so he wouldn't have to see her ugly face when they had sex (ouch!) Honami gets a little bit of revenge on him, but her attention is quickly diverted by a new guy she meets. His name is Ryusui, and he is the president of a prestigious old ikebana (flower arranging) group. Honami falls for him hard, and he seems strangely attracted to her because she is so wild and different from everything he knows. (He is very much the introverted, surly, serious type of guy) He is engaged to be married to the daughter of another Ikebana group, and he is facing all sorts of business pressures. Honami is very determined in her pursuit of him (and he doesn not appear impressed by her beauty at all). Honami is always faced with the worry that he will find out that she is all artificial beauty, and she constantly has to try to hide her old behavioral habits from when she was ugly. This drama is strange, cute, and fluffy, so I can't resist ^^

    Okay, enough babbling from me for now!

    Thursday, June 5, 2003 03:20 a.m.
    Listening to: "PikaNchi" by Arashi

    Hello again, y'all. Well, A-Kon has come and gone, and I can finally relax from the artistic frenzy I was in all through May. I managed to finish 13 pieces of art for the A-Kon art show, and I sold 12 of them. Actually, there was a written bid on the 13th piece as well, but on Sunday afternoon, the person who bid on it hadn't paid for it yet, and the art show people wouldn't let me check out of the art show and leave that piece behind. If I wanted to leave, I had to take that piece with me and lose the bid. Considering the bid was for , I waited around for a while, but I finally had to leave, so I sniffed sadly and took the last piece of art home with me.

    The convention was pretty fun. I can't believe that was my 9th A-Kon. I'm feelin old again :D I heard there were like 7200 people there or something. The convention was WAY too big for the hotel, and it was very uncomfortable. However I hear that the con will be at a new convention hotel in central Dallas next year, so things will be roomier. I can't wait :D I forget how much walking around I do at conventions. I was worn out by the end of it. This is the first convention at which I didn't buy anything at all in the dealers room. ;_; I was too broke, so I avoided them as much as possible. I mainly just watched anime, attended a couple panels, and hovered around teh art show and auction. It was also nice to see some friends that I haven't seen since A-Kon last year.

    Hmm what else... my scary little obsession with Jpop boyband Arashi is continuing to fester- er, grow ^_^ I have amassed a pile of music videos and videos of TV performances. I am strangely determined to get as many TV performances of their songs 'PikaNchi' and 'Nice na Kokoroiki' that I can find. I dunno why, but I am amused by watching them do the same dance routines over and over again on different shows and in different costumes. I also am joining a little Arashi fanlisting (notice the little image for it in the right-hand column there). I want to join a MatsuJun fanlistsing (he is my fav from Arashi of course) but that listing is on hiatus. Booo.

    I am collecting more doramas. Yay! I have polished my Gokusen Page enough for people to view it, and I submitted it to teh anipike. Hooray, my first little dorama page! There was a drama panel at A-Kon this year, which was great. I am glad that dramas are getting more popular!

    Series that I am watching or rewatching now:

  • Mukodono (subtitled) I have this series with Chinese subs, but now copies of it with English subs are starting to circulate. This is such a cute show. I love Nagase Tomoya
  • YanPapa (subtitled) Speaking of Nagase Tomoya, I finished watching this series starring him too. Great show! I love the focus on anime in it. I wonder if it was sponsored by Kodansha ^_^;
  • Good Luck - Yet another Kimura Takuya series. This time he is a commercial airplane pilot. Looks interesting so far.
  • Perfect Bride - I finally got some more episodes of this, so I decided to start working my way through it. Right now it is really annoying me. I like the heroine, but she can be so gullible sometimes. And her inlaws drive me insane. I want to strangle all of them. I don't know how much more I can take of them before I have to stop watching the show ^^;
  • Gokusen spring special: hooray, I finally got the March 2003 Gokusen special! I have been after this for a while! It was pretty good. I was a little disappointed with how they didn't follow up on a couple things from the TV series that I wanted them to go back to, but in general it was a nice special.
  • Hero - Kimura Takuya again. I watched this show a year or 2 ago in raw Japanese, but now that I have it subbed, I decided to watch it again. Good show, IMHO.

    Series that I reallllly want to see!

  • Kimi wa Petto - based on the shoujo manga of the same name- starring Matsumoto Jun from Arashi. About a 28 year old woman who finds a 20 year old guy in a box on the street and decides to make him her pet. He agrees. She renames him Momo, and an interesting relationship starts ^_^
  • Egao no Housoku - I love series that involve manga authors ^^
  • Kao - Nakama Yukie from Gokusen stars as a police sketch artist. Looks like a good show
  • Mukodono 2003 - why the heck are they remaking this series anyway? The first one is good as it is! I want to see what they have changed.
  • Diamond Girl - I just want to see this because Tanihara Shousuke, who played Doumyouji in the HYD live action movie, is in it. I liked him :D

    So much dorama to catch up on! I look forward to that Dorama Encyclopedia being published later this year!

  • Sunday, May 4, 2003 03:53 p.m.
    Listening to: "Nice na Kokoroiki" bu ARASHI

    Hihi y'all. How is everyone doing? I am okay, I guess. Still plugging along, if in a somewhat bitter and annoyed fashion ^^ Hmm what have I been up to... well, all I really do is work, spend money at the dentist, draw my comic, watch dramas, and sleep, at this point. Whee fun. I wish I could work more. My pay is awful, but it wouldn't be so bad if I could at least maintain enough hours to keep in benefits eligible status. But They don't schedule me enough hours, and I am about to lose my dental and health insurance. This is not a Good Thing -_- I have been to the dentist so many times this year, it's not funny. I have had 2 crowns put in during April, and those things are expensive. Can I affod it? no. Is my credit card crying? yes -_-

    *sigh* However, things are looking up, a little. I got an email from a company I had applied to a long time ago, telling me that they had a web production position open trhat they think I would be qualified for. *rejoice* I replied asking for more info, and had to struggle not to beg them to hire me nooooowwwww. I need money -_-

    So much of my time has been spent obsessing over the state of my teeth and the pain they are causing me physically and financially. Other than that, I have been watching more doramas than anime. Lately I have been watching:

  • 'Bijo ka Yaju' (latest Matsushima Nanako series)- that is pretty good... Nanako's Engrish is amusing.
  • Haru Ranman (Spring Romance) - This was disappointing. I really liked the two lead characters, but not enough time was spend focusing on their relationship. The whole series revolved around their friends, and I just wasn't as interested in them.
  • Gokusen - Okay, I can't resist watching this again. I love this series. I am seriously obsessing over it too. It has also had the scary effect of turning me into an Arashi fan (Jun, who plays Sawada in Gokusen is from the boyband Arashi) and I have been collecting a disturbing number of Arashi videos. Me, obsessing over a boyband... man, I scare myself. Gokusen is a fun series, and I have started a little web page devoted to it HERE.
  • Love & Fight - Have only seen ep 1 of this, thanks to some digisubbers, but it's a fun show with a great selection of music. I look forward to watching more.

    Oh, something else that made me happy was seeing that has been revamped and brought back to life again. I was worried when they stopped updating that site last year. It has been such a handy resource for learning more bout dramas.

    Lets see... I have also been listing to OTR. Haven't given up on that ^^ Every night I take a walk with my dad for some exercise, and we both have our little mp3-playing discmans on listening to OTR as we walk. I usually listen to episodes of Lux Radio Theater. My dad has been listening to Sam Spade. I am still toying with the idea of making an OTR site, but I have yet to do anything about it. I have TOOOOOO many unfinished sites as it is.

    I think I will actually make it to A_kon this year, which has me very happy. I wasn't sure if I could get there, but now I have a hotel room, so that makes things a lot easier. I still don't have a panel in the art show, but someone else offered to share his panel with me because he doesn't think he will use all of his space. Yay! Now if I could just finish some art. ACK. It's time for my yearly art panic as I try to prepare for A-kon. I actually do now have some rough sketches done. I just hope I can get it all painted in time @_@ Wish me luck!

  • Thursday, March 27, 2003 02:12 p.m.
    Listening to: The Jack Benny Program, original airdate: January 8, 1950. ("Drear Pooson" bwahahaha) Guest Starring Frank Sinatra, Rosalind Russel, Gene Kelly.

    Ahh, I love the Jack Benny Program. It is my favorite OTR program, and I am still working on collecting as many of the episodes as I can. I am still an OTR addict, and thanks to several mailing lists and Streamload, my OTR collection has grown by leaps and bounds. My favorite series are Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Lux Radio Theater, X Minus One, Command Performance, Bickersons, Burns & Allen, Jean Shepherd, Shadow, Our Miss Brooks, etc.

    I am actually thinking of making a tiny page devoted to OTR. This would be a big thing for me- my first non anime specific page, hehehe ^^ All my pages so far are connected to anime somehow. I am almost at a loss as to how to design it without some pretty anime piucture to rely on :P Then again, it would be pretty silly for me to go starting ANOTHER page when I have so many that are still unfinished.

    I did make a tiny update to my Anime Fanart Page by adding a couple more fanart oekaki drawings I did, and one original oekaki. Here they are:


    Monday, March 24, 2003 05:23 p.m.
    Listening to: V6 - "Feel Your Breeze"

    Ahh, I am in a good mood right now. And hey look, 2 entries in 2 days! Hurrah! My last entry was kind of abrupt because I got distracted by the Oscars. Good show this year, IMHO. And yes, I know this blog redesign isn't much of one. It's the same layout, just a new image and color scheme. But hey, I go with what works ^_-

    So, how is everyone? Is anyone actually still checking this page for updates? It has been so long, I doubt it ^_^ I am soooooooooooo out of touch with everyone else and what they are doing. I swear, I exist in my own little world. I haven't read any blogs or surfed any personal pages in so long ;_; I am sorry! I dunno why, but I always manage to wander off and isolate myself and am awful about keeping up with things. People around me (both in RL and online) get together, break up, have fights, resolve them, etc, and I just drift along, totally clueless until it's all over. @_@

    I guess I'm just always too wrapped up in my own sad little lifestyle of work, comic, read, dorama, sleep. Seriously, that is all I have been doing for the last few months. Work takes up a lot of my time these days. The pay sucks, but at this point, I am not really in it for the pay, I am simply trying to maintain enough working hours to keep my medical and dental insurance. I have been using my dental insurance a lot this year (yes, my dental saga continues,) with 2 root canals already this year, and much more work, namely about K, needing to be done. Whee! And if things go as planned, I will be needing my medical insurance this time next year. Other than working and numerous trips to the dentist, the only other things I have been doing is working on my comic (that task never ends ^_^) and reading or watching dorama.

    I haven't been watching as much anime as I used to do because I am waiting for the series I want to see to end, so I can get all the episodes and watch it all at once. Domestic DVDs and speedy digisubs are great and all that, buit the wait in between episodes kills me ^_- I have decided I would rather not start a series and then watch it all at once, than start a series and wait a week or a month or 2 between episodes. So, in the meantime, I have been watching lots of dorama, which I can usually get all at once. It would be nice if more of the series I watched were actually subtitled, but I am making do :D

    Right now at this moment, I am still feeling a warm fuzzy high from finishing off the dorama 'Gokusen'. Ahh that was a fun series. 'Gokusen' is very similar to GTO in premise, but it has enough of its own charm to be very enjoyable. It's about a newly graduated high school teacher, Yamaguchi Kumiko (aka "Yankumi") who gets her first teaching job at an all-boys high school where she is assigned a class of deliquents. Yanumi is awkward, out of fashion, wears glasses, styles her hair in girlish pigtails, and has this rather optimistic dream of becoming an inspirational teacher to her students. Of course, seeing what a dork she is, her deliquent class sets out to torture her, but Yankumi is stronger than she looks. Beneath her shy, geeky exterior, she is actually the 4th generation heir to a powerful and feared Tokyo Yakuza group. Her grandfather is in charge now, but she is in line to lead it next. Yankumi wants to go straight though, so she hids her underworld ties from her students and coworkers. Of course, dealing with a class like hers, she ends up slipping her cover sometimes, busting out with some really rough yakuza speech, which she always has to try to cover up. Yankumi eventually earns the respect of her students either by beating them up (when they need a good punch in the nose...) or beating up the people that are threatening them. Gokusen started as a shoujo manga and, being a shoujo manga, there is a tiny bit of romance in it. Yankumi is attracted to the local police detective, Shinohara. This could be a problem as Yakuza and Police are not exactly best friends. I also personally think thta Yankumi should end up with one of her students (^_^;;) Sawada Shin. He's brooding and cool, and would make a great boyfriend for Yankumi, hahah ^_^

    Anyway, enough Gokusen babbling. I couldn't resist, since I just finished the series a few minutes ago, and I just had to talk about it ^^ Ahh, Shin is so cool... I discovered a lot of Shin x Yankumi Japanese fansites out there with really cute fanart, so it's nice to know that I am not the only one who thought they should get together :D

    I should be working on my comic now, but I don't have a script. Ack ^^;;

    Sunday, March 23, 2003 08:30 p.m.
    Watching: 75th Annual Academy Awards

    Well hello everyone. Can you believe it, I actually changed the layout! And I am actually making an entry! It shocks me too. This time I chose this cute image from a great series, Haibane Renmei by Yoshitoshi Abe. I loved the anime for this, and wish there was more of it!

    I'm watching the Oscars, and I have to say that I am enjoying the show so far. Steve Martin is doing a good job. He's not perfect, but he is having a lot more jokes 'connect' with me to make me laugh than previous hosts have had. I am also glad that people are dressing down this year because it is resulting in better fashions. So far there have only been 2 real dress disasters that I have noticed: Cameron Diaz, and that costume designer lady from Chicago. Jennifer Garner and Mira Sorvino looked great. And I must say John Travolta was looking good even with the short haircut. He looked in shape.

    And of course the big news for me and the Oscars is that Spirited Away won for Best Animated Feature Film. Cool deal. I was thinking Lilo & Stitch would win. I'm glad it didn't. I liked Spirited away better ^_-

    Version: Haibane Renmei 2003. Art and story by Yoshitoshi Abe

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